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Why does Tennessee suck? Find it here.

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March 8th, 2009

11:40 am - Urge TN Reps to Vote Down Initiative to Ban All Mention of Homosexuality in Schools
The K-12 sub-committee in the Tennessee General Assembly is going to decide this Wednesday 3/11 whether to advance bill HB0821 which would ban all mention of homosexuality in schools. Many schools implement diversity training at age appropriate levels to teach kids respect for same-sex headed families, and educate about tolerance towards LGBT people.

Click here to send one email to ALL of the legislators on the committee and tell them to vote no on HB0821

More info at:

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September 4th, 2008

08:59 pm - Come cheer us on as we kick Nashville's rear

Participate in the costume contest at half-time, and you could win free tickets to bouts!

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November 17th, 2006

04:50 am - Tea Tree Mineral Gel
Hi,can anybody tell me where in Chattanooga or Cleveland,or any other town that close to it-find this Tea Tree Mineral Gel? Thank you.

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October 20th, 2006

08:46 pm
Yes,i am rasist.It is better to be rasist and not live around white and black trush than to be fat gross woman.Fat women are sux. www.americanwomensux.com

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July 13th, 2006

03:50 am
i found cool site www.nomarriage.com :)

1 from http://www.singleabroad.com

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March 2nd, 2006

03:46 am
because here r not sidewalks here to walk,to run,i see too many fat people,coz they dont walk at all,they drive their cars.Too many tanning salons,fansy nails,but nobody goes to the fitness salon.Too many churches-no bars or pubs which would work after midnight like in Europe.No disco in small towns,no much places to go out,so i am tired to go to Wal mart after 10 pm just because i want to go out somewhere in that time.And I HATE A FAKE-SMILES,which i see only in America.

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February 23rd, 2006

05:17 pm
because everything closes early unless its fast food.

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January 11th, 2006

08:36 pm - Tennessee sucks because......
A seven yearold can drive better than most adults. (at least he can use a fucking turn signal)

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October 11th, 2005

07:29 pm - weather
Tennessee sucks because of the allergies brought by weird weather. It might be just a Memphis thing though..
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August 11th, 2005

05:07 pm - Hi
Hello everyone, I'm the newest member of the Tennessee Sucks community. :D And yes, it DOES suck. A lot.

I live here in the oh-so lovely (note the sarcasm here folks) city of Sevierville. And I have come to the conclusion that this bad excuse for a city is the main reason why Tennessee sucks. Or East Tennessee, at any rate.

My two main complaints are as follows:

1.) We lack a freaking bus system!

2.) Where the hell can I do some decent shopping?

If any of you live in the Sevierville area, you'll get what I'm saying. If not, I apologize for my rant. :D

Let's tackle issue number one first.

Sure, there's the trolleys. Unfortunetely, they only run in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Wears Valley, as far as I know. I know that they recently started running them further into my area, as far as Wal-Mart. However, this does me no good, considering I live atleast a couple of miles away from Wal-Mart (near the Big Lots area). The people in charge of the public transportation need to stop thinking about the damned tourists for a second and start considering the poor, unfortunate souls who actually have to live in this boring city.

(FYI, I lived in Ohio before having to move down here, thanks to my mother. I'm 18 years old, I live with my grandma, and we don't have a car. Which is why the lack of a bus system irritates me.)

Issue number two: Lack of decent shopping. And by shopping, I mean all sorts of shopping, such as grocery shopping, and just shopping places in general (malls, video stores, music stores, ANYTHING BESIDES K-MART, etc).

Food Lion sucks, plain and simple. And would it kill them to put a Media Play store around here? I'm going nuts from lack of good movies, music, and stuff of that nature. I'm so sick and tired of going to K-Mart, but it's not like there's any other option. =\

So, there ya have it folks. Again, sorry for the rant, but any of you who live here knows what it's like.

Tennessee sucks!
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