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because here r not sidewalks here to walk,to run,i see too many fat… - Why does Tennessee suck? Find it here.

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March 2nd, 2006

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03:46 am
because here r not sidewalks here to walk,to run,i see too many fat people,coz they dont walk at all,they drive their cars.Too many tanning salons,fansy nails,but nobody goes to the fitness salon.Too many churches-no bars or pubs which would work after midnight like in Europe.No disco in small towns,no much places to go out,so i am tired to go to Wal mart after 10 pm just because i want to go out somewhere in that time.And I HATE A FAKE-SMILES,which i see only in America.

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Date:August 16th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)


Of course it doesn't have clubs, or anything else - IT IS A BIBLE BELT - these backwood hillbillies blow my mind - Something else these idiots don't have - MANNERS, ETHCIS, MORALS, and so forth and so on. It kills me, I've owned this house for 11 years - RENTERS - just moved in across the street - AND THE ASSHOLES ARE YELLING AT MY BOYS TO QUIT PLAYING BASKETBALL IN THE STREET! - FYI - the street is public property - and when MY basketball goal is set up in MY yard but facing toward the street - THEN YES, IDIOT HILLYBILLY WHITETRASH WELLFARE LEACH, MY BOYS CAN PLAY IN THE STREET WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING BASKETBALL - YOUR LITTLE BRATS HOWEVER, MAY NOT USE MY BASKETBALL GOAL - AS THE GOAL, LIKE I SAID IS IN MY YARD! So F off losers - here's an idea - if you want to play GOD, BUY A HOUSE - don't RENT one! OH AND AT LEAST LIVE THERE A FEW YEARS BEFORE YOU START TRYING TO DICTATE TO PEOPLE HOW IT IS GOING TO BE! But as far as I'm concerned - OWNERS HAVE WAY MORE RIGHTS THAN RENTERS because YOU don't actually OWN the house. And the next time I see a bunch of hot rods parked in your YARD, with you idiots drinking case after case of beer - HELLO! IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO PARTY WITH UPTEEN DOZEN CASES OF BEER, WHY ARE YOU ON WELFARE, RENTING A HOUSE FROM SOMEONE WHO USES THE GOVERNMENT TO PAY THEIR BILL - these are the kind of losers who are spending all of our hard earned taxes - you know, the ones who COULD work - BUT THEY CHOOSE FOR US TO FOOT THE BILL - Anyway, I've lived all over this country, and Tennessee is by far the WORST state I've ever seen in the way of laws, people, rules, work ethics (and that implies that people here have one - THEY DON'T - I have never heard more, "I don't get paid to do that!" than I have in this pathetic excuse of a state), etc. TENNESSEE - GET SOME SCHOOLING ON HOW ACUTUAL HUMAN BEINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO LIVE - because these idiots don't have a clue. Now I know what brought about that OLD song from years ago, "I left Tennessee in a hurry" Because anyone who stays here is on a high road to HELL - including all these "people of God" who call themselves christians, you know, the ones who talk about people, put people down, tell people off, and just down right make people feel like nothing - YOU GOING TO HELL TO SIR AND MISS! I wish the MAIN GOVERNMENT would establish that Tennessee is banishable - no longer able to keep up with the regular standards of living because they are not taught any better.

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